Tell us why you are passionate about the Fashion Revolution campaign?

Fashion Revolution is the annual reminder for everyone to scan  their wardrobe and ask ‘who made my clothes’? Is there any room for improvement in where I currently purchase from? How can I  better ethical business and artisan makers? Of course, this should be a constant at the forefront of our minds, but Fashion Revolution really lights that spark.

What does sustainable fashion to mean to you?

Sustainable fashion means only purchasing items that you truly LOVE and that you know will stand the text of time. This means investing in quality materials and well-made pieces. I also try to ensure my wardrobe is made up of natural fibres (cotton, linen and good quality (often second-hand) leathers rather than polyesters and other synthetic fabrics.

How important do you think it is for fashion brands to help tackle poverty and climate change (please explain why/and or how you think this can be achieved)?

Fashion brands, like any other brand should be looking at the ripple effect of their business and using that as a positive force globally. In fashion, we are particularly lucky to be able to affect both social and environmental issues. Socially, we are able to harness the skills of local people – particularly in developing countries – for our manufacturing, and ensure they are paid a fair wage and given safe working conditions.  This is a very powerful tool in tackling issues of poverty.  Environmentally, when we choose to use sustainable and natural fibres (without synthetic chemical additions) this has a hugely positive effect on the natural ecosystem – not to mention the consumer wearing the end product. From there, we have to also be responsible for how fabrics are processed, transport options and environmentally-friendly packaging.

How important do you think it is for Fashion Brands to share where their garments are made from and the source of the raw materials they use?

This is a no-brainer. No product, whether it be fashion, food, skincare or anything else should be sold with its manufacturing under secrecy. Consumers have a right to know where their product comes from and how it was made in order to make a purchasing decision that suits them.

Do you have a love story in your wardrobe? If so, what it is?

I have a few, although my favourite would have to be a bright red silk maxi dress that my gorgeous friend (and MGU Co-Founder) Elena found for me at a Vinnies store in Bondi! She knew I’d love it and sent me in there to try it on. I honestly never take it off – it feels so nice to wear, is easy to throw on after the beach, can be dressed up for a nice dinner, and only cost me $25! Gotta love that…

What is your favourite MGU style and why?

Definitely the bikini brief. I’ve never been a brief girl in the past, but this particular cut is so comfy and flattering!