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What does sustainability mean in the context of fashion?

We are using too many resources, that the earth cannot stand, the amount of material and extraction the way we are abusing nature. And fashion has an answer, has its own answer and we just have to get into the answer and make that answer exciting, and brilliant and creative and beautiful and make products people want that are thought through properly like Mighty Good Undies.

Australians are the largest consumers of new clothing per capita (behind the U.S.), how does that stat make you feel and what advice would you give around re-thinking how we buy our clothes?

Australians like to buy things, and it is a problem, and buying things doesn’t make you happy, so lets rethink the value of what we buy and do it in a way that means that things can be better, so we buy less, we buy better and we think about how our dollar can make an impact in the world.

Do you have a love story in Wardrobe? If so, what is it?

This item is a jumper, and it does several different things, one is it proves that every product tells a story, whether that product can speak, whether we know the story, it proves that. The second thing it proves is that loved clothes last, this product was made somewhere between 1958-1972 made in Australia by a brand called Ricardo, and the guy that set up Ricardo, was called Richard Charlupski, he was an immigrant from Poland who escaped Auschwitz.  He started a knitwear brand in Melbourne, and he employed Italian machinists and designers because he knew they were the best in the world, and he added an O to his name Richard, so it was Ricardo and sounded more Italian.

Incidentally this jumper is an heirloom and a heritage knitwear, its heritage because of the way I explained its history, and it’s an heirloom because this belonged to my children’s Great Grandfather, who was from Warsaw, who was an immigrant, who escaped persecution in the 2nd world war and came to Australia – its the same story, or similar story as the person who started this company.  And I’m the benefactor of a heap of them –  I’m merely looking after them for my children.