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Tell us why you are passionate about the Fashion Revolution campaign?

I’m passionate about the fashion revolution campaign because fashion is a massive part of our throw away culture. Unsustainable practices are generally used to create fast fashion with many people working on the garments under paid and in poor working conditions.

What does sustainable fashion to mean to you?

Sustainable fashion to me means that the impact of the industry on the environment is greatly reduced and the working conditions for the thousands of people who make our clothing is improved.

How important do you think it is for fashion brands to help tackle poverty and climate change (please explain why/and or how you think this can be achieved)?

It’s of the upmost importance that the fashion industry work together in order to tackle poverty and climate issues. It’s a massive industry and if the larger brands can work tomorrows a common goal much could be achieved. Campaigns like the bare for good are the grassroots that can really set the ball in motion and show the large brands that the customer wants a change in the way there fashion is produced.

How important do you think it is for Fashion Brands to share where their garments are made from and the source of the raw materials they use?

It’s important that people are aware of how their fashion is made so consumers can make an informed choice. It’s important to know where the materials are sourced from and the labor involved in making them.

Do you have a love story in your wardrobe? If so, what it is?

I constantly repair items of clothes in my wardrobe. Once I took 3 pairs of jeans to be made into 2 and it cost me more than it would to buy new jeans. The lady even told me it would be to much and to just buy new ones after some time and 140$  I had my old jeans that I have owned for over 10 years back to life.

What is your favourite MGU style and why?

My favourite style of MGs are the Boxer briefs. Super comfortable and the don’t ride up when I’m skating making them a perfect all round undie!