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Tell us why you are passionate about the Fashion Revolution campaign?

I am passionate about the campaign because it raises awareness about the fashion industry and its unsustainable model of doing things. I love that it encourages everyone to ask brands #whomademyclothes.

What does sustainable fashion to mean to you?

For me sustainable fashion means that if I buy a garment I know the exact details of the garment; from where it was made, who made the garment and whether they were paid a living wage and the exact origins of the materials. Ultimately, its about environmental and social accountability.

How important do you think it is for fashion brands to help tackle poverty and climate change (please explain why/and or how you think this can be achieved)?

Fashion brands hold a lot of cache and influence and they can use that for good. I believe the could have a huge impact in tackling climate change and poverty through corporate responsibility and transparency.

How important do you think it is for Fashion Brands to share where their garments are made from and the source of the raw materials they use?

I think it is very important that this information isn’t hidden as everyone deserves a right to know about what product they are purchasing.

Do you have a love story in your wardrobe? If so, what it is?

I have a lot of love for my mums wardrobe actually, she was a unique, classy woman and I still wear her beautiful clothes.

What is your favourite MGU style and why?

I love the white bikini brief set.  Simple, plain but sexy.