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: Lauren Williams & Alex Knorr

Occupation: Owners of Will & Bear

Age: 33 & 34

Where were you born? What is your heritage?


Tell us a little bit about what you do?

Will & Bear is an Australian headwear brand we founded in 2016 whilst we were travelling around Australia in our vintage Kombi. We have a simple mission to build a consciously minded brand, made from the earth for the earth.

What does the Fashion Revolution movement mean to you personally?

Our goal is to reduce our impact through thoughtful design, give back to our planet and create a culture that cares about nature, to inspire all to preserve it, so we’re really honoured to partner with a movement that shares this vision to conserve and restore the environment and values people over growth and profit.

This year’s Fashion Revolution theme is all about a healthy planet being a human right – what action are you taking in the fight to keep our planet healthy?

We  are committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainability throughout the business. This starts with our fabric sourcing by using natural, biodegradable and recycled fibres but also making high quality headwear that’s made to last to reduce waste. We also have a giveback initiative called One Hat, Ten Trees initiative where we commit to planting 10 trees for every hat sold.

What inspired you to start Will and Bear?

Will & Bear was born on the road five years ago from the place we feel most inspired; our van. It was our time spent in the wild nature in Tasmania that first got us thinking about how we could give back to the places we love so much.

What positive environmental impact have you been able to create since the brands inception?

Since the brand’s inception in 2016 we’ve committed to plant 10 trees for every hat sold. Today, thanks to our community, we have planted over 200 acres of Forest Gardens in Senegal, Africa. Why? Because we want to invest in a healthy environment for our future generations.

What’s the one thing you’d like to change in the fashion industry?

There is a lot of waste produced by the fashion industry that is largely driven by fast fashion and overconsumption.We would love to see a movement towards celebrating slow fashion and making quality long lasting garments with the smallest footprint possible.

Do you have a favourite place in nature? If so, where is it?

Tasmania, we love it’s wild nature.

What do you normally wear every day?

Loz: Jeans, basic tees & vintage jackets

Alex: Jeans & basics

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

Loz: My vintage jeans

Alex: Allbirds runners

Do you have any favourite sustainable brands, or favourite second hand shops?

Loz: Outland Denim

Alex: Allbirds

What is your favourite style of Mighty Good Basics?

Loz:  Boy Leg

Alex: Trunks