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What does sustainability mean in the context of fashion?

For one thing, I feel like the word sustainability has been overused. I know when people think about the word, its about being eco friendly or ecological. But ultimately sustainability is about whether or not we can maintain doing what we are doing, and make it as a society and the fact is most of the things that we are doing are causing a lot of harm to environment especially in the fashion industry.

So I guess I would say to just the concept of reuse and certainly not making new fabrics if you can help it, or repurposing new fabrics. Obviously things like underwear makes it more difficult.

Australians are the largest consumers of new clothing per capita (behind the U.S.), how does that stat make you feel and what advice would you give around re-thinking how we buy our clothes?

Yeah that’s a really shocking statistics. I realised that America was way up there, I wasn’t aware that Australia was that close behind. I would say as a society we need to make repurposing way cooler, and thrift stores, and wearing things til they are literally dead or somehow repurposing it. We have to instil that it is cool, worthy and fashionable.

Do you have a love story in Wardrobe? If so, what is it?

When I lived in London there was a label called Blah Blah Hospital, and she hand made everything, and I would imagine it was mostly from scrap material too. It just had this absurdity and sense of humour to it, and I just loved going to her stall in Covent Garden, I would always buy something for her. I always love supporting artists that do things by hand.