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Where were you born? 

Johannesburg South Africa

Tell us a bit about Oz Harvest and the message behind the initiative… 

Our purpose is to Nourish our Country … we do this in 4 ways… rescue, educate, engage and innovate. Our focus right now is food relief for those in need given that hundreds of thousands more people have just fallen through the cracks. Making sure that good food doesn’t go to waste. We align with 5 UNSDG goals and are committed to making Australians halve our food waste by 50% by 2030. It’s imperative for the health of our planet.

Where do you think your enormous heart and passion for giving comes from? 

I’m blessed to have found my true calling  – passion for giving – it found me!! The more you give the more you get.

What does the concept of ethical fashion mean to you? 

Buying products that have been produced with dignity for the way they were grown, produced, designed sewn valuing every part of the production process

What do you think should be done to promote ethical fashion? 

We need more visibility about the inherent value for the whole supply chain – maybe use Ambassador/role models given that the traditional cheap products spend their $$ on massive commercials and campaigns

What areas do you think fashion brands should be focusing on to create more socially and environmentally responsible business? 

The narrative and story behind the brands … the WHY

What role will smaller independent brands play in shaping the future of sustainable business? 

Pre Covid and Right now during Covid .. I think the opportunity is enormous …we are evaluating every part of our lives … from what we buy to where we spend our dollars .. independent brands can pivot much quicker

Given that 77% of UK retailers believe there is a likelihood of Modern Slavery in their supply chain, what do you think the fashion industry should be doing to prevent this? 

Band together – collaborate – Should choose to produce less and eliminate slavery from their supply chain… be less greedy

What are your favourite sustainable fashion brands? 

I buy a lot of preloved clothes – that’s my preferance, KowtowPatagoniaTLuxeallbirds and Elk

Who is your style icon? 

Dianne Keaton, Iris apfel

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe and why? Tell us the story. 

A black jump suit from TLuxe…. its comfortable, great to travel with, stylish and can be dressed up or down locally made and locally designed

What’s your favourite Mighty Good Basics style and why? 

Love the granny knickers… they are so comfy!