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Name: Simon Holloway

Occupation:  Co-owner Vegepod / Head of Community

Age: 49



Where were you born? 

Rural NSW


What is your heritage?  

Scot/Irish/English - hybrid vigour!


Tell us a little bit about what you do? 

I enable people all around the world in any type of abode, in any climate, with any degree of experience to grow their own food. I am Head of Community so I have a lot of focus on driving all of our community initiatives.


What does the Fashion Revolution movement mean to you personally? 

Despite being past my physical prime and having a fair chunk of life’s lessons understood, I recognise I still maintain streak of vanity (who doesn’t to a degree?) which ties into an undying interest in fashion - be that an understated quality surf brand or appreciation for what a certain cut or colour can do. However based on the access to voluminous information at our fingertips these days, I believe we are all morally obliged to do a little more than simply observe something and actually do some research into the origins of everything we see, touch, hear or feel. That includes the origins and processes of the garments we choose to wear. I am very passionate about increasing our awareness on where food comes from, so how can I not be similarly interested in the origins of my funky undies or cool wetsuit? We should all care and we should all make choices to make a stand on such, be that out loud or through silent purchasing decisions.


This year's Fashion Revolution theme is all about fashion, money, power - do you think the fashion industry has a positive or negative impact on international power dynamics? Why? 

All three have such strong forces and repercussions on the planet and society. And all three clearly interweave a lot of the time and influence each other. However, fashion is definitely the one with more artistic licence than the other two, and like any good piece of art, it should keep society real and influence it in positive ways, or at the very least reflect it for us so we can ponder it in new ways. Has it always done that? No. Does it maintain the ability to do so, and do I have faith it will head further down that path? Yes.


How do you think we could harness the fashion industry to have a fairer and more balanced global economy?  Fashion must use it’s apolitical and artistic voice to express its choices and effects on the wider society. We all belong to humanity and we all have a responsibility to look after each other. Every fashion brand should be shouting about its origins and process choices when its good and calling out others in the cohort when they are not. Knowledge is power.



What do you normally wear every day? 

Vegepod branded surf tee, cargo shorts or boardies and a pair of Blundstone145s (fawn-suede-steel-cap-super-sponged-sole boots … best shoe in the world)


What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe? 

My Blunnies.  I have three ‘every day pairs’ which are all dirty and mangled to  varying degrees plus one pristine pair I wear out to special occasions 😊


Do you have any favourite sustainable brands, or favourite second-hand shops? Always have liked Patagonia, I have had quite a lot of their clothes over time and a recycled rubber wettie. I now have a new favourite second hand shop - my son’s wardrobe. He is now as big as me so I’m getting his hand-me downs (and often not by his choice). It’s weird how much joy I get out of stealing his clothes.


Do you have a style icon? 

Not really. Less is more for me. Frankly I think people always look their best having fun in the ‘great Aussie leveller’ - the ocean – in their togs, wet and with a massive grin on their face. That’s beach ‘fashion’ to me. 


What is your favourite style of Mighty Good Basics? 

Boxers for sure. They look good and have just the right amount of give and take if you know what I mean.