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We all want to live as sustainably as possible, and we know that each (seemingly) small action we take away from single use plastic and toxic chemicals will have a hugely positive effect in the long run – both for our bodies and our Earth. We have the obvious culprits; plastic bags, take away coffee cups, straws, unnecessary packaging, the list goes on… but what about downstairs? You know, those intimate areas not as often – or openly – talked about. These areas can be delicate, and of course personal health, comfort and hygiene need to be a priority.

To help you out, here’s our list of top tips and recommendations for ‘that time’ of the month, as well as sexual fun and protection.


In an average woman’s lifetime, it is estimated that she uses over 11,000 tampons and pads. That’s a lot of plastic wrap, and a lot of nasty chemicals you could be unknowingly putting into your body on a monthly basis. Not to mention almost $10K in spending on these products!

The Moon Cup is a re-usable silicone cup designed to be worn internally at the time of your cycle. The beautiful thing about these babies is that you only need one, no matter stage of your cycle you are on and you can leave it in for up to 12 hours! It can be taken out, emptied and rinsed as often as needed (we recommend doing this in the shower) and sterilised by soaking in boiling water in between cycles.

Although it may take some practise and patience at first, we promise it is worth it! Check out our favourite The Ruby Cup, The Lunette and JuJu to order yours.


For a less invasive option, period underwear is the latest innovation in terms of sustainability and convenience while on your period. Just like normal underwear – and just as cute – there are various styles you can choose from that will hold from up to 3-4 tampons with of blood (around 4 standard teaspoons) worth.

They are leak proof, stylish and comfortable! Just rinse with cold water, pop them straight in the washing machine and air as normal. Modi Bodi are the leaders at home in Australia, while Thinx are available for all of our friends in the US.


If the cup or absorbent undies aren’t your vibe, here’s are some of the more sustainable tampon, pad and liner brands! The main thing to look out for are organic cotton that is 100% free from bleach, chlorine and other toxins. We are currently loving TSUNO as our favourite Aussie brand – not to mention the super cute packaging!


There’s no better sex than safe sex, but if you’re wanting to do the best by the environment, traditional chemical-laden latex condoms can be a tricky one. With safety, sustainability and pleasure at the forefront of mind, queue…

Jonny: Starting important conversations about sexual health and empowerment, this Australian-based brand is your go-to for vegan friendly protection (did you know most condoms are made with milk derivative, casin?). Made from natural latex, without the nasty chemicals, each condom also comes with an eco-disposal bag, for when discretion and good taste are necessary, read: always!

Sustain Condoms: Sourced from sustainable FSC certified rubber plantations, these guys are nitrosamine-free and paraben-free (phew!) not to mention certified fairtrade and tested for safety and pleasure – phew! If you’re not impressed enough, Sustain was founded by a father-daughter team who are all passionate about supporting women’s sexual and reproductive health all over the world. Read more about them here:


Go natural! If you find you need an extra slide every now and then, we can’t recommend our dear friend coconut oil enough. Not only does it get the job done, but it has incredible antibacterial and moisturising properties for your most intimate areas! It is also great to use as a massage oil and is lovely to add to a warm bath with your favourite essential oils. Just make sure you go organic and source from a sustainable supplier. Some of our favourites are :

If you can’t use coconut oil (nut allergies – we hear you!) then there are some great and fun lubricants available from both Jonny and Sustain mentioned above.