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11 Couples Share Their Stories

You meet someone. You hit it off, and before you know it, you’re an item. A few days, weeks, maybe months later you’ve developed deep feelings for your partner. You love them. But when and how do you tell them? Do you just say it when you feel it, or do you wait for the right moment to tell them? And what’s the “right moment” anyway? - Well, exactly, there is no right moment to say the three magical words. Still, I was curious and asked some couples how they said "I love you" for the first time.  

From throwing up in toilet to hidden messages on dogs, or failed threesomes - there is no right or wrong. Scroll down to read about 11 couples sharing their magical and not-so-magical-but-still-magical moments of saying “I love you” for the first time.


1. Kristen & Sara

    She had put a note on my dog’s collar. The note said “Hey momma, look under the pillow.” And left some clues. Under the pillow I found a poem and in the poem she said I love you. She also got me a bracelet. 


    2. Pia & Simon

      “I’ve had known Simon for already 4 years. We had been friends with benefits. One night we ended up hanging out with this beautiful French girl. Some glasses of wine later, the three of us ended up in bed together. She wasn’t keen on a threesome and this entire situation turned awful so I simply left. I was drunk and disappointed and… jealous. Did I have feelings for Simon? He was leaving to Los Angeles the next morning and I was supposed to take care of his cat. I was so mad at him. He called me from the airport and told me how sorry he was. I accepted the apology. And before we hung up he said; ‘...and Pia.’ -’What?’ - ‘I love you.’ He would then message me that he got wifi on the plane so I can yell at him anytime.”


      3. Ellio & Marcus

      “It was his birthday and we had spent all day together. When we got home he told me that he loved my jacket. And not only my jacket. I didn’t say anything. When we were lying in bed together later, I said ‘I have to tell you something. I love you.’ He closed his eyes and didn’t say anything at first. Then when he opened his eyes again, he looked at me and said ‘That’s good, because I love you too.’


      4. Lisa & Abud

      “We were in a rock club. We had been dating for like a week at the time. At the bar, he looked at me and said ‘I love you’. I laughed and said ‘Nooo way.’ So he said it again. We’ve been together since.


      5. Louis and Claudia

      “We were at this costume party for Halloween. He was dressed like a dead pilot and me as a Día de Muertos, with half of my face painted like a scull and flowers on my head. We spent all night there dancing. Then I looked at him and pointed at his hat. I was gonna say I love your hat but then… I don’t know how it happened ‘I love you’ came out of my mouth. He just shouted ‘I love you back!’ And i was like oops. Should I tell him that I actually meant to say that I love his hat? But then nooo because i actually love him too.


      6. Sam & Adrian

      “Me and Adrian were together for like 8 months. He is a musician and had a concert in my hometown that night. After the concert, we would sleep over at my mum’s house. In the morning, while we had sex in my childhood bed, I whispered: ‘I love you’. And he would simply respond with a: ‘I love you’.”


      7. Doris & Dave

      “We were dating for a bit less than 6 months and we had our first fight. I remember, it was in my bedroom. I even shed a tear. When we made up again, we were lying in each other’s arms. I was planning to tell him that I love him when he would come visit my family for Easter. I don’t know why, that was just my plan. But before I knew it he whispered in my ear ‘I love you.’ My hair were over my ears or something though… so I couldn’t hear what he was saying. So he had to say it again. He had to repeat it like three times until I could finally hear what he was saying. Quite hilarious. And of course, I said it back.”


      8. Kaleigh & Luca

      “We were drinking at a friend’s house. He got sick and went to the bathroom. I checked to see if he was okay, as he was throwing up, he said, “I love you.” I got so mad. Could he have picked a less romantic moment? Not really. “Don’t say that right now,” I responded. “But I love you”, he said. I told him to tell me later. He did.”


      9. Anna & Rafael

      “I had known Rafael for like less than 2 weeks. But we had been hanging out a lot and had a couple of sleep overs. In the morning when I woke up, he was looking at me with eyes that are in love. Then he took my arm and drew ‘I love you’ on my skin with his fingers. That’s our insider. Drawing things on each other’s skin. I drew a ‘<3 u’ back.”


      10. Lory & Pierre

      It was a month into our relationship, we’ve already been on a couple of dates. We were walking home from dinner and he walked me upstairs to say goodbye like he usually did. And I don’t know why, but every time we walked up the stairs, I had this song playing in my head. It was this song ‘Como Fué’ by Benny Moré from the 1960s that I heard when I was a kid. And I’ve never really thought about it in a romantic way before. That song was in Spanish which is my mother tongue. It was just really interesting as I was speaking to him in French and this Spanish song kept playing in my head over and over again. The lyrics basically go “I don’t know how this happened but I somehow fell in love with you”. When we finally arrived upstairs (I lived on the 6th floor; it took us forever to get there), I felt like I needed to say it. So I said it. And then he said it. And that’s how we said I love you for the first time.


      11. Sophia & Alexander

      We were dating for 3 months. We went for a city walk. While sitting on bench and kissing he looked into my eyes and said “I love you”. I said it back but started crying. It was so romantic.