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We are so proud to announce our partnership with the Happy Boxes Project - an organisation set up to empower and support women in over 60 remote Indigenous Australian communities by alleviating the barriers of accessing basic needs. 

We believe that underwear is a necessary item, not a luxury. Sadly, for many Indigenous Australian women, decent underwear and basic clothing items are simply inaccessible due to remote distances between communities and stores, or they are completely unaffordable. 

Daily living essentials in remote community stores are consistently sold at a far higher cost than average prices, making it nearly impossible to purchase even the most basic items. 

The Happy Boxes Project team works with designated Happy Box coordinators living in each remote community, whose responsibility is to share and allocate the ‘Happy Boxes’, containing a range of basic items to the women in the most need. 

Emma Sullings, Founder of The Happy Boxes Project said, “We are delighted to be embarking on a partnership with the wonderful team at Mighty Good Basics. 

Our aim at the HBP has always been to empower women by alleviating the barriers to accessing basic needs. It is no secret that far too many women are living in remote Indigenous communities without regular access to items such as toiletries and sanitary products. We believe this is completely unacceptable. 

So, to be able to work with MG/B to gift women underwear is beyond exciting. MG/B’s products are considered a luxury for women in the 60 plus communities we support, as access to affordable undergarments is extremely limited. Heartbreakingly this can result in women of all ages not having the means to attend education or employment commitments. 

Together with MG/B we can’t wait to have a powerful and positive impact on the lives of beautiful, strong and deserving women throughout some of the most remote corners of Australia.”

At Mighty Good Basics, we believe that when you empower women, you empower communities. By providing access to essential items such as underwear, we endeavour to empower these young women on both an emotional and practical level. 

Through our partnership, we will be providing ongoing donations of Mighty Good underwear and basics for each of the Happy Boxes being sent out to remote communities throughout Australia. 

As a business we recognise that we need to play a role in the equal rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We are beginning that process with our partnership with the Happy Boxes Project as we look to the future to create other pathways to form more equal representation in our business and beyond. 

You can read more about their work here