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1. Who is behind Green + Simple and how do you know each other?

Jenny Ringland and Erica Watson. We’re both journalists, mums and have known each other for around a decade. We first met when we worked together as writers for News Corp. We had mutual friends but we hit it off straight away! When we moved on we always stayed in touch, we had babies at the same time and started freelancing at the same time – even though Jenny spent five years living in Perth!

2. What motivated you to start Green + Simple?

We were chatting one day about what we thought were the best baby products. Both of us had been searching for things that didn’t contain toxic ingredients or were just better for the environment. What we found was that there was no one true source for information on natural products or sustainable living. That one conversation really sparked an entire movement for us and 18-months later we finally had a website we hope will inspire and help others. It was daunting and exciting all rolled into one. There was even another baby born in between! There were actually plenty of hurdles, including distance, but somehow we just kept moving forward with our plan and here we are!

3. What’s the best part of being boss ladies?

To create something from scratch has been amazing. But it has also been wonderful to work around our families and their needs. Even though it has been super demanding, we can still pick up the kids from day care at a decent time and have days where we just play together and watch them grow. It’s definitely a juggle but we try strive for balance and to make things work, but it could also mean we’re still up working at 11pm or setting the alarm early to get up and answer emails or do overseas interviews before the rest of the house is up. Some days are definitely easier than others! We certainly have moments where we’re like, ‘omg, how are we going to make this work,’ but for the most part it we wouldn’t trade it. Also, having each other for support has been so beneficial both personally and for the growth of G+S.

4. What have you learned along the way whilst building the business?

Where do we even start! Having our own business has certainly been a learning curve and you’ve got to adapt quickly! I’d say it’s so important to have clear roles, ask for help when you need it, outsource what you can’t do and most of all believe in yourself! Oh, and have a mentor!

5. Do you think there is a ground swell mounting for consumers that want to buy more ‘consciously’?

Yes, absolutely. The swell is certainly growing and the great thing is there are so many more responsible brands out there now. It’s much easier than it used to be to make better choices and it will only continue to grow. We can’t wait to see what the future holds in this space.

6. What are your goals for the business in the next 2 years?

To build an inclusive community where people can have access to awesome stories and brands to live their best sustainable life.

7. What are your tips for living a conscious life?

Just start by making small changes so you don’t become overwhelmed and discouraged. Whether its buy a reusable coffee cup, go to the farmer’s market once a month, eat a meat-free meal once a week or be better at recycling, once you start you’d be surprised at what it leads to next. Also, be kind to yourself and one another.

8. What’s your favourite style of underwear?

Definitely the Grannies!

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