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We’re celebrating love in all its forms for the month of February (and beyond!). Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get romantic but the best expressions of love aren’t found inside a Hallmark card.

Love overflows. It isn’t about loving just one person, it encompasses the love of someone you have just met, of strangers in another land, of the earth, of plants.” The School of Life

It’s no secret that Mighty Good is a purpose-based business. Everything we do is anchored on three central pillars of love: for people, planet and self. It’s our true north; it guides not just our ethical business practices but is also our way of life.


We understand that our business is one of the ways that we can support the livelihoods and dreams of people who otherwise may not be afforded safe or sustainable working opportunities. This fundamental respect for others is what drives our uncompromising ethics model. Our supply chain is both certified Fair Trade and backed by the SA 8000 social accountability standard certification – this is the leading international standard for meeting ethical labour standards. With this in place, we’re able to ensure that our workers are provided safe working conditions, receive a fair wage and are able to have a good standard of living, while supporting their families. Similarly, the premium we pay our cotton farmers allows them to invest into their businesses and local communities.


Our intrinsic love of planet and appreciation for finite natural resources is why we only work with the highest quality organic cotton we can find, use sustainable packaging and off-set our carbon production with each item sold. Because of these factors, the environmental impact of our production is actively minimised.

Compared to purchasing conventional cotton underwear, your Mighty Good Basics uses 65% less water from irrigated sources, 61% less energy and results in a 70% reduction in pollution that creates acid rain and soil acidification. These are some pretty powerful figures and ultimately, we would love to see more businesses implement practices that lessen our global impact on the physical environment. At Mighty Good, we live and breathe ‘planet over profit’ principles and believe this should be the industry norm, rather than a niche market.


The most important expressions of authentic love – after all, how can we love, respect and serve others if we cannot do the same for ourselves? We want you to feel good – really good – in your Mighty Good!

Using organic cotton means that your skin (particularly the more intimate areas) are not exposed to harsh toxins and synthetic chemicals that are conventionally used in the growing and processing phases of production. Our range spans from size 8 – 22 and offers seven women’s styles and three men’s styles so that you can get the most comfortable basics and feel good in your body.

We’ll be using Valentine’s Day as a reminder to spread the love in as many ways as possible – whether that’s random acts of kindness to a neighbour, a charitable donation to an environmental organisation, planting a tree, or treating yourself to an evening of self-care and appreciation.

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